TURNaBOUT BOXING is run by caring professions, parents, and other members of the community spanning all walks of life.

In relation to the sport of boxing, our head coach is well versed in the sport and serves as a referee/judge for the Western half of Pennsylvania. Our President is a referee/judge and member of the USA Boxing Allegheny Mountain Board of Directors for our LBC (Local Branch Chapter, which runs and oversees the entire western half of the state of Pennsylvania). Our founder is an active boxer, with aspirations to compete in national tournaments, the Olympics, and eventually turn pro.




Boxing is a highly structured sport premised upon rules. Learning to function within boxings structure teaches individuals a valuable lesson that carries over into all aspects of life.


Boxing is extremely mentally and physically demanding. Angles, body mechanics, torque,  generation of force, defense, nutrition, exercise, technique, and far more require ongoing education and great physical/mental effort, all of which requires regular study and practice. These concepts touch upon subject matter within the education system such as geometry, science, anatomy, and far more, and often help promote improved academic performance and interest. Moreover, competitions tend to either quickly reinforces one’s work ethic or disciplines those who failed to properly prepare. This lesson is applicable to all aspects of life, and the mental discipline boxing develops is a catalyst for success throughout one’s life.


Boxing is a year-round sport that requires ones full, long-term commitment. It is this dedication that helps facilitate success outside the ring, after all, life happens year-round. Every aspect of life requires dedication, from relationships to education and employment (including business ownership); boxing teaches such commitment.


In boxing, as in life, we often must work through perceived failures, doubts, various stressors, and much more. The determination to rise above these things helps to build a foundation for success while teaching one to deal with and have greater control over emotions. Boxing teaches people to overcome adversity, and to view the concept of failure and/or defeat as simply a lesson and opportunity to learn which ultimately paves the way to success. To summarize, it helps teach one to alter their perspective so as to view a previously perceived negative as a positive.


Not only do boxers learn to defend themselves, which boosts self-confidence/self-esteem, but they must also experience some degree of pain to improve (after all, this is a combat sport). This teaches humility, respect for others, helps with emotion management (e.g., get angry and an adrenaline dump will exhaust you quickly and technique will fall apart, causing a trained opponent to pick you apart), teaches patience, and many more things. In essence, you learn to be confident, humble, respectful, and not to “sweat the small stuff.”